Just like praying over your food and drink, you can also send Reiki to your meal and get the most out of the nutrients in it. You can also clear the negative energy from what you do not want, like all of those added preservatives, artificial colours, flavours,hormones, fillers, etc that seem to be commonplace nowadays.

How to do this:
Personally, I give thanks before I eat, and then if I want to add Reiki, I hold my hands, palm-side down over my food and send Reiki. It only takes a few moments to energise and cleanse your food or drink. And as always give thanks. Joanne x

For more information or to book a session or training workshop go to http://www.joannemcmillan.co.uk/reiki.html

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I have noticed a profound change lately in

I have noticed a profound change lately in the energy all around. 1st May is always a powerful day and yesterday was no exception. We are all being cleansed and purified to allow for the influx of higher vibration energies.  I went for a walk on the beach. The sun was shining and the breeze was fresh. I walked barefoot as I felt I really need to connect with the earth. I cam home feeling refreshed and invigorated.  We all need to spend time in nature especially now to help integrate the powerful new energies. Take time today! 

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St Columba, in St Columbs Park, Derry/Londonderry

St Columba, in St Columbs Park, Derry/Londonderry

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Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury

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Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon
The Over Lighting Presence of the Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation.

Sandalphon is an Archangel.
Archangels oversee the responsibilities of other Angels, Celestial Light Beings and special Light projects here on Earth.
Sandalphon can help us to walk the path of our highest purpose. He inspires us and fills us with insights that guide us toward being who we are meant to be. And like all the angels, he is a messenger of the Divine so that we may awaken to our Higher Purpose and Light the world.

Sandalphon offers wisdom and self-forgiveness allowing us to recognise and accept our many talents and gifts. He also assists us in acknowledging our fears and blocks that hold us back so that we can let them go, allowing the Power and LOVE of Source to work through us.

Sandalphon helps to anchor the Light and assists all Lightworkers and the Lightworking organisation that is the Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation.
Unity, Oneness and Wholeness are his realm!

Archangel Sandalphon told me that he is the Archangel in charge of the HTSO and all its members.

“I am the over lighting presence of The HTSO. We worked together before a long time ago creating a great civilisation. The HTSO is a great civilisation. My energy is the energy of Orange, especially for this organisation and also of music. You will all be tuned into the beautiful music that I bring through the HTSO. The HTSO is carrying the Highest vibration of Light coming directly from Source. It has been given the function of Spreading the Light and raising the vibration of more and more people here on Earth at this time. It has a unique energy and is vitally important at this moment in the evolution of the Earth. There are many portals of Light opening right now. The HTSO is one such portal; bringing people to the Light; a powerful means of purification, expansion and transformation. The Light is on, the green light for GO is illuminated.
The underlying energy and purpose of the HTSO is to remind people of the TRUTH, that there is only ONE LOVE; there is only ONE SOURCE, there is only ONE. Every time someone joins the organisation they will become aware of the energy of ONENESS that it is.
The HTSO is much more than a group of individuals; it is the Consciousness of SOURCE, a ONENESS that is so enormous that it is difficult for you as humans to understand. There are no limits and this can be challenging for all who join. A process of deep transformation will often take place to allow for the raise in vibration, allowing each individual to carry more Light and to exist on a Higher Plane. This is why I am playing this important role of overseeing this entire organisation. Bless you all and remember to pray to me and I will see that all your prayers are answered.”

Archangel Sandalphon and his twin brother, Metatron who is the Overseeing Light for the Psychic Reiki™ system are the only archangels who were once mortal men. Sandalphon lived as the prophet Elijah and Metatron was the wise scribe Enoch.
In Kabalistic tradition Sandalphon is said to be the Guardian of the bottom sphere on the Tree of Life and as such is the Angelic Earth Ambassador, guardian of nature elements and healing of the Earth. He is particularly helpful with grounding and connecting with the Elemental Kingdoms.
Archangel Sandalphon helps us to balance the energy of the physical and the divine within us and to consciously channel and utilise both energies to our benefit.   
 Joanne McMillan HTSO Founder

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This morning I went for a walk. The world around me still lies in Winter’s slumbers. There is very little growth. The chilly temperatures belie that it is the beginning of April. Here and there I came across rows of daffodils sheltering from the icy winds. Some had already flowered, while others were closed, waiting for this particular cold spell to end.
The daffodils might be a bit late blooming this year, but I doubt that will worry any of them. They are part of the earth, part of nature and they give themselves fully to the earth. They don’t throw a wobbly because it’s cold out and they don’t come equipped with woolie hats and scarves. They know that Mother Nature will provide for them and keep them safe.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could allow ourselves that level of trust. When life gets tough to be able to accept our situation and know that we are being looked after in spite of how things may appear on the surface. The challenges that present themselves to us are not to prevent us from reaching our potential, but rather to know that our true potential already lies within us. Paula Dowd HTSO Reiki Master Teacher

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Reiki by Sinead Lynch HTSO Reiki Master Teacher and poet

REIKI A formless but powerful entity, Simple yet powerful, Untouchable yet life sustaining, Unseen yet visible, Motionless yet like a meandering river, Permeates every cell, vein & muscle Uncontainable yet ours to have & to hold Silent yet speaks One syllable yet describable … One word yet unpronounceable Centred yet untraceable This is Reiki. (Divine diaries, 1st April 2013) Author, Sinead Lynch
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